A Competitive Advantage For Your Business

The iNDustry Labs team provides businesses in the South Bend-Elkhart Region with the functionality similar to a chief innovation officer and implementation team, adding capacity and resources to evaluate and deploy strategic business and technical resources for your company. iNDustry Labs provides:  

  • Strategic and technical support to accelerate the adoption of technology and emerging best practices for your company.  
  • Awareness of what is possible for your company to leverage new technology 
  • Support to pursue innovation capital  
  • Access to talent through applied-learning courses and internships 
  • Upskilling opportunities via our LIFT partners

Our services are organized by the following thematic ‘tracks’ that reflect the dominant needs and opportunities identified with our regional industry partners:

Automation & Robotics

Providing advisory and technical support for industry advancement.

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Matching industry needs with innovation facilities and expertise at Notre Dame and in the region.

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Product & Market Diversification

Identifying and amplifying project-based courses and internships for students.

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Training & Upskilling

Enabling world-class learning experiences at regional companies for students and providing upskilling opportunities for local workers to gain highly sought-after skills

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