A Competitive Advantage For Your Business

The iNDustry Labs team provides businesses in the South Bend-Elkhart Region with the functionality similar to a chief innovation officer and implementation team, adding capacity and resources to evaluate and deploy strategic business and technical resources for your company. 

The infusion of digital capabilities, from advanced IT, data analytics, and computer simulations to technologies in additive manufacturing, robotics, and beyond, iNDustry Labs can accelerate the growth, productivity, and adaptability of your business.

Strategic & Technical Advisory Services

Providing advisory and technical support for industry advancement.

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Applied Research, Development & Testing

Matching industry needs with innovation facilities and expertise at Notre Dame and in the region.

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Applied Learning & Training Programs 

Identifying and amplifying project-based courses and internships for students.

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Focus Areas

Automation Support

  • Technology identification and assessment
  • Equipment specification
  • Business case assessments
  • On-site implementation support

Data Analytics

  • Data staging and organization
  • Analytics insights
  • Modeling and simulation

Product & Consumer Analysis

  • Identification of market opportunities
  • Qualitative and quantitative research insights
  • Product design and development

Talent Pipeline & Skills Development

  • Sponsored Internships
  • Tailored Experiential Learning Courses
  • enFocus and Graduate Fellowships
  • Technical Skills certifications
  • Apprenticeships