As the University of Notre Dame’s platform for collaboration with local industry, iNDustry Labs:

  • Provides strategic and technical support for industry advancement
  • Matches identified industry needs to innovation assets at Notre Dame and in the region
  • Identifies and amplifies experiential learning opportunities (project-based courses and internships) for students
  • Advances and promotes the region’s knowledge base in advanced industry through workshops, events, and thought leadership opportunities

iNDustry Labs was established to advance the University’s mission by linking the South Bend-Elkhart region’s primary economic drivers, its powerful manufacturing base and a global, tier-one research university, to support a more productive, resilient, and skilled community. 

Through this work, iNDustry Labs provides educational and work-based learning opportunities for students and professionals to equip them with the skills that will translate to tomorrow’s opportunities.

Our Services

Our services are tailored to a company’s specific goals and opportunities. The resources available through iNDustry Labs encompass the full range of expertise, facilities and student talent at the University and through partner institutions in the LIFT Network and beyond.

Our Services

Our Team 

Our dedicated and talented team’s deep industry experience, business acumen, and technical expertise are available as a resource to businesses in the South Bend - Elkhart Region and to constituents across the University and the broader LIFT Network.

Meet Our Team