Around the globe, the integration of the cyber and physical aspects of production, often referred to as “Industry 4.0,” is rapidly accelerating the pace of innovation across all industrial sectors. To navigate this dynamic environment requires businesses to thoroughly understand and adopt new technologies and business models and develop the skills in their team to operate them. 

iNDustry Labs exists to serve the businesses in the South-Bend Elkhart Region embarking on this digital transformation journey to become more productive, resilient, and skilled.  As an integrated platform with multidisciplinary expertise, creative talent, cutting-edge resources, and access to a global network, iNDustry Labs provides a competitive advantage for those businesses, and in particular the manufacturers, we are so fortunate to claim in the region.  

Our Services

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Our Team 

The iNDustry Labs team is well-positioned to match your company's needs to a holistic array of specific resources for talent, productivity, and growth strategy.

Our dedicated and talented team is committed to the University’s mission in service to the South Bend - Elkhart Region’s industry and workforce, and is proud to be a University-wide resource tightly integrated into the Region's LIFT Network.

At the heart of iNDustry Labs is an experienced staff who serve as technical liaisons to our partners.  The office’s leadership includes a Faculty Director, a Managing Director, and a Strategic Advisor for Research and Applied Learning. Our Executive Engineers-in Residence (ENIRs) have deep experience in advanced industries, possess existing relationships in the region, and draw upon both technical and business expertise. 

Supported by a team of talented enFocus Fellows, recipients of a competitive fellowship for those with undergraduate and often advanced degrees in STEM-related fields, the ENIRs serve as translators and bridge-builders who are true partners to our engaged companies, stewarding their engagement with a variety of services and resources at Notre Dame and the broader LIFT Network.

Augmenting the iNDustry Labs team are the iNDustry Labs Faculty Affiliates, a multidisciplinary collection of leading faculty and research staff whose research, coursework, and subject-matter expertise are particularly aligned with topics of interest to the regional economy.

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