Michael Shoemaker joins Notre Dame’s iNDustry Labs as Associate Engineer-in-Residence

Author: iNDustry Labs News

Michael Shoemaker
Michael Shoemaker

The University of Notre Dame’s iNDustry Labs has appointed Michael Shoemaker Associate Engineer-in-Residence (ENIR).

Shoemaker possesses nearly a decade of experience in advanced industrial engineering that began in Ford Motor Company’s engineering division. He most recently served as the inaugural program director for industry innovation at enFocus, Inc, where he led a dedicated team of technical Innovation Fellows specifically recruited to support the iNDustry Labs platform. In addition to providing key support for pilot industry engagement projects, he was instrumental in the development and implementation of the iNDustry Labs service model. 

In the ENIR role, Shoemaker joins a team of talented professionals with deep technical and business experience, assembled to provide technical and strategic advisory services to local companies, bridging the gap between the local industry and the resources and capabilities of the University of Notre Dame. The ENIRs lead project-specific industry advancement teams that include members of the enFocus Industry Innovation Team, in collaboration with faculty liaisons and core research facility staff.   

“Michael’s leadership, ingenuity and commitment to the South Bend - Elkhart region has already made an indelible imprint upon the culture, aspirations and services of iNDustry Labs,” said Scott Ford, Managing Director of iNDustry Labs. “As an Associate ENIR, his contributions are poised to scale our efforts even further, magnifying the capabilities of iNDustry Labs to unlock the beneficial collaborations between the University and the region’s businesses.” 

Since its inception in 2012, enFocus has proven to be a key resource for talent attraction in the region. Through a two-year Fellowship program, recent graduates from a wide range of disciplines are paired with sponsored projects to drive innovation in local organizations. The launch of the Labs for Industry Futures and Transformation (LIFT) Network in 2019 created an opportunity for enFocus to expand their activities to support innovation-based economic development, through iNDustry Labs at Notre Dame. 

“In many ways, Michael’s appointment to the iNDustry Labs team is indicative of the significant talent enFocus is bringing to the region for the direct benefit of industry,” said Mike Bieganski, chairman of the board of enFocus and former longtime executive at Bosch. “It signals our region’s deep commitment to talent development and furthering its vision of prosperity.”

Shoemaker holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering (manufacturing systems concentration) and masters of science in engineering management, both from the University of Michigan.

About iNDustry Labs at Notre Dame:

iNDustry Labs is the University’s dedicated platform for collaboration with local industry partners, providing strategic insight, expertise and technical resources to regional businesses seeking to thrive in the digital age of manufacturing.  

An anchor of the South Bend-Elkhart Labs for Industry Futures and Transformation (LIFT) Network, iNDustry Labs was launched with the support from the Lilly Endowment Inc. in 2019 to help unite the region’s chief economic drivers — its powerful manufacturing base and a global tier one research university, to unlock the region’s potential for a more productive, resilient and skilled future. 

For more information, visit industrylabs.nd.edu.