Future iNDustry Labs Facilities

Augmenting Notre Dame’s current research strengths, iNDustry Labs Innovation Facilities will establish world-class innovation capabilities in those research disciplines that align with the existing and emerging industries in the South Bend-Elkhart Region. New and expanded facilities to support applied research in the following fields are in development:

Advanced Analytics & Digital Capabilities Center: Opening 2021 

Complementing Notre Dame’s core research facilities and drawing upon the University’s global network of technology partners, the Applied Analytics & Technology Lab will provide key research and applied learning capabilities to support the digital transformation of the region’s industrial economy with the following fields: 

  • Business Optimization, Data Analytics, and High-Performance Computing
  • Wireless/Internet of Things/Smart Technologies Integration, and Product Development
  • Cyber Security
  • Modeling, Simulation, & Experiential Digital Lab
  • Immersive Visualization Technologies (AR/VR/XR)

Applying these capabilities to the needs identified by regional industry partners will have the potential to translate emerging technologies into new software and business analytics tools, while also equipping the businesses with a solution to advance their current operations and deepen the skill set of their employees.