Michael Shoemaker


Michael Shoemaker is an Associate Engineer-in Residence at iNDustry Labs. In the ENIR role, Michael provides technical and strategic advisory services to local companies, bridging the gap between the local industry and the resources and capabilities of the University of Notre Dame. He is energized to leverage his experience to help regional businesses address their needs ranging from operations to product development.  

An experienced engineer, he launched his career at Ford Motor Company as an engine process engineer; designing and launching engine assembly lines, including the 2.0L and 2.3L four-cylinder EcoBoost engines. He is dual-degree holder from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering ‘13 and Master of Science in Engineering Management ’17.   

Michael most recently served as the inaugural Program Director for Industry Innovation at enFocus, Inc, where he built and led a dedicated team of technical Innovation Fellows specifically recruited to support the iNDustry Labs platform. In addition to providing key support for pilot industry engagement projects, he was instrumental in the development and implementation of the iNDustry Labs service model.