Kartik Maheshwari

Innovation Fellow

Kartik, a native of Ahmedabad, India, came to the United States to pursue a Master’s of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering with focuses in Management and Data Science from Purdue University.

In his journey from India to Indiana, Kartik has amassed diverse experiences by working on projects ranging from engineering, management, sales, marketing, data analytics, consulting, and more. Though much of his background is related to technical work, he is also passionate about working at the grassroots level through community building and by bridging gaps in youth literacy. At enFocus, he is leveraging his experience to help local industries become future-ready–and he’s looking forward to learning from an extremely diverse team while working on a variety of different projects.

 Outside of work, Kartik can be found cooking, hiking, supporting Manchester United, dodging chores–or even trying out one of his new hobbies: chess and harmonica.