iNDustry 4.0 Assessment & Transformation Plans

iNDustry 4.0: Where do you start and how will you get there?

Understanding how emerging technologies and business models are redefining your business, and, more specifically, knowing where your business stands today compared to its potential is fundamental to developing a strategy for advancement.  To address this critical assessment process, iNDustry Labs has developed a diagnostic assessment as a tool to shape your competitive strategy and innovation priorities. 

iNDustry Labs draws upon the Assessment findings as part of a broader assessment framework, to develop a transformation plan to unlock the power of digital in your operations. This transformation plan, tailored to your business, identifies specific action steps and the corresponding resources available through iNDustry Labs and the LIFT Network.

iNDustry 4.0 Assessment (Phase 1)

This assessment will provide you with an understanding of your business’ relative utilization of available technology and best business practices. These insights, in turn, inform the iNDustry Labs initial needs assessment or action list to match your competitive strategy.

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iNDepth Opportunity Assessment (Phase 2)

The iNDepth Opportunity Assessment is an in-depth assessment that builds upon the basic principles of the iNDustry 4.0 Assessment. Through a combination of self-reporting, interviews, and facility visits, the assessment allows for a finer grain of analysis in specific operational dimensions of your business to provide further focus and specificity for recommendations in the transformation plan.