Advanced Engineering & Analytics Services

How are you gearing up for the future?

Amplifying your company’s ability to compete in an increasingly sophisticated global marketplace, the iNDustry Labs team provides hands-on assistance throughout your engagement, leveraging the University’s cutting-edge research and development expertise and equipment, commercialization team, and student talent. These resources mitigate the costs to your business associated with the purchase, use, and maintenance of specialized equipment.

iNDustry Advancement Advisory Services

With our team of Engineers-in-Residence (ENIRs), Faculty expertise, resident consultants, and broader network, iNDustry Labs can recruit and match leading subject-matter expertise in advanced  fields to provide training,technical assistance and industry collaborations to companies.

Product Testing, Research & Development 

The University hosts a collection of nearly 30 core research facilities equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation, tools, and staffing to facilitate sophisticated testing, research and development activities.  The research cores represent a fundamental way through which iNDustry Labs can implement the opportunities identified to drive product and production innovation in your business.  Leading this process, iNDustry Labs will assemble the team from the relevant core facilities and/or research fields and steward the project through completion.  

R&D Business Case Evaluation

iNDustry Labs appreciates that any investment in research and development needs to be weighed against the alternative opportunities for capital in your business.   At the outset of research and development engagements, iNDustry Labs will work with your team to provide an initial ROI analysis to help inform your decision-making process.   

Commercialization Process 

When latent intellectual property, new technologies, and/or new product concepts have been identified through engagements with industry partners, iNDustry Labs can provide resources to run these opportunities through the initial stages of the Commercialization process at the University's Innovation, De-Risking and Enterprise Acceleration (IDEA) Center.

SBIR/STTR Grant Development Support 

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs are the competitive funding mechanisms through which the Federal Government provides $2.5 Billion annually to support domestic businesses seeking to test R&D innovations for commercialization potential.   

To facilitate this resource, iNDustry Labs offers SBIR/STTR Grant Support services for an end-to-end resource for the proposal, including application support, validation and technical project management services available through the award phase.   

Technical Project Management 

Recognizing that the most limiting constraint for business growth and innovation is the availability of skilled talent,  a core component of iNDustry Labs is a cohort of enFocus fellows, recruited for their specific expertise in engineering, industrial design, data analytics and related fields. Working with ENIRs, these Fellows perform a variety of projects from product/market assessment to technology integrations and training for your business.