Diogo Pubel Batista

Innovation Fellow

Born in Bom Jesus do Norte, Brazil, Diogo earned a BS in Business Administration in Brazil, and a MS in Business Analytics with a concentration in Supply Chain Management from DePaul University. Diogo grew up in a family of serial entrepreneurs involved with businesses including gas stations, grocery stores, and farms. After college, he spent three years managing a clothing business where he gained practical experience in supply chain and business operations. He then served as COO of an established healthcare clinic. There he managed current suppliers and strategic sourcing and implemented improved processes.

Through all these experiences, Diogo developed a holistic view of different organizations, the interconnection of departments, and the impact of a single department’s decision across the organization. He also realized the importance of data analysis in effectively managing business operations. His recent studies in the US in analytics and supply management solidified Diogo’s ability to translate data into business insights to aid decision-making.