Berit Reisenauer Guidotti

Innovation Fellow

Berit is an experienced project manager and skilled business management consultant with a passion for solving tough problems through human-centered design. As a team builder and strategic thinker, Berit brings tactical and theoretical expertise to her projects. She enjoys working with technical and manufacturing leaders, community experts, and engineers to help envision a positive future inclusive of emerging technologies. Berit completed her B.A. at Emory University in Political Science and Religious Studies and her master’s at the University of Notre Dame in Moral Theology; her research is focused on the ethical and philosophical implications of emerging technologies for everyday people around the world.

At enFocus, Berit is eager to integrate theory and practice through industry projects, specifically those geared toward ensuring flourishing for people and long-term business resiliency in Northern Indiana. She is excited to bring her skills to a nonprofit setting and to work and learn alongside such a diverse cohort of fellows.

Berit is a native of Everett, Washington, and is an avid reader, backpacker, and skier.